How to choose Tile:

  1. is it rectified - all the same size - important if tiling a grid pattern
  2. how warped are they - important when using stagger pattern -  should always be run in thirds                                         take two tile, make one face up and the other face down -  see of they touch each other all the way through or if there is some sort of bow in the tile -  
  3. where is it going - procelin on the floor and ceramic or porcelin on the wall
  4. thickness -  are you adding a border - all the tile should be the same depth, otherwise there will be lippage - and the tiles will be uneven
  5. Price does not always mean quality - check if they rectified and check of how warped they are
  6. there will be rejects among your tiles ( excessively bowed) make sure you buy extra and inquire about the return policy
  7. through body vs glazed  - through body menas the tile has the same color through out, even if it gets chipped. Glazed means the top layer is different than the rest of the tile - common in patterned tiles ( Carrera etc.) if these get chipped, it will be a different color underneath